Convincing Your Nonprofit Board to Embrace Drupal 10

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Nonprofit boards often focus on immediate program needs, making it tough to secure funding for less tangible website upgrades. However, your website is a vital part of your mission. This comprehensive guide will arm you with the knowledge and persuasive arguments to make Drupal 10 a compelling investment for your nonprofit organization.

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Key Strategies to Emphasize in Your Proposal

The Security Imperative

  • The Risk is REAL: Outdated websites are prime hacker targets. Data breaches erode donor trust and can lead to hefty compliance penalties. Highlight the increasing threat landscape and potential consequences of ignoring website security.
  • Drupal's Focus: The Drupal community has an exceptional track record of security and offers proactive patching. According to Drupal's Security Team, their proactive approach and regular updates ensure your website remains secure.
  • Show You Care: Demonstrating your commitment to safeguarding sensitive donor information is vital, especially in a post-GDPR world. This commitment can significantly enhance donor trust and engagement.


Drupal 10 for nonprofits


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Empowering Your (Limited) Staff

  • Frustration = Wasted Time: Clunky CMS platforms bog down staff and volunteers in technical tasks instead of focusing on programs. Emphasize the inefficiencies caused by outdated systems.
  • Drupal's Ease of Use: Its intuitive interface means less reliance on expensive developers for routine content updates. Highlight testimonials from organizations that have experienced these benefits.
  • Invest in People, Not Headaches: This frees up resources directly impacting your mission's goals. Provide examples of how other nonprofits have reallocated resources to program delivery instead of IT troubleshooting. Work with IT partners that are reliable and trusted.


Maximizing the Impact of Every Dollar

  • The Hidden Cost of "Free": Cheap or outdated platforms come with future expenses such as security issues and constant workarounds. Discuss the long-term financial implications of maintaining an outdated CMS.
  • Open-Source = Budget-Friendly: Drupal has no licensing fees, allowing those hard-earned donations to go further. Compare the cost-effectiveness of open-source platforms with proprietary solutions.
  • Long-Term ROI: A well-built Drupal site is scalable, reducing the need for costly redesigns down the road. Present case studies showcasing the long-term benefits and ROI of Drupal implementations.


Budget-friendly benefits of using Drupal for nonprofits


Supercharge Your Outreach & Fundraising

  • Mission-Driven Features: Drupal excels at complex donation forms, event management, and secure volunteer portals, all without expensive plugins. Highlight specific features that can enhance your nonprofit’s online engagement.
  • Integration Powerhouse: Seamlessly connect with email marketing tools (e.g., Mailchimp) and CRMs like Salesforce for a cohesive donor experience. Provide examples of successful integrations.
  • Case Study Proof: Show how other nonprofits have boosted online donations or advocacy campaigns with Drupal. The official Drupal site showcases nonprofits using the platform effectively.


Future-Proof Your Digital Presence

  • Don't Get Left Behind: Modern donors and volunteers expect polished, fast websites. Drupal's architecture ensures you can stay ahead of the curve. Discuss the importance of a modern web presence for credibility and engagement.
  • Avoid the "Frankensite": Band-aid fixes on old platforms lead to technical debt. Drupal gives you a clean foundation to grow upon. Explain the long-term technical benefits of a robust, modern CMS.
  • Tap into a Global Community: Benefit from ongoing innovation powered by Drupal's vast network of contributors, ensuring your site is always improving. Emphasize the strength and support of the Drupal community.


Future-proof digital presence with Drupal



Tips for a Winning Presentation

  1. Know Your Audience: What motivates your board? Tailor your pitch to focus on risk reduction, cost-saving efficiency, or mission impact. Learn more about Product Discovery.
  2. Avoid Web Jargon: Explain benefits in plain language, linking everything back to your organization's goals.
  3. Budget Breakdown: Clearly outline migration costs and potential long-term savings due to reduced IT support needs.


Remember the “Opportunity Cost” Angle!

Mention how much you stand to lose if you opt against investing in an ideal CMS for your digital platforms. Consider these angles when framing how your current website is costing you:

Missed Donations

  • Cart Abandonment: Is your clunky donation form causing cart abandonment? Estimate how many potential donors give up because of frustration.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Could you run more targeted campaigns with better landing page tools but don't have the capability now?


Inefficient Program Delivery

  • Lost Staff Time: How much staff time is lost troubleshooting the website or manually fulfilling requests that self-serve functionality could handle? Put a dollar value on those hours.
  • Scaling Services: Are you unable to scale online services (volunteer sign-up, etc.) due to limitations of your site?


Reputational Damage

  • First Impressions: An outdated, unprofessional website makes a poor first impression. This hurts your ability to attract grants and major donors.
  • Mobile Unfriendliness: Is your site mobile-unfriendly? Losing users on smartphones directly impacts mission visibility.


Reputational damage due to outdated website



Upgrading to Drupal 10 is an investment, but it's a wise one for nonprofits. By emphasizing security, efficiency, and the ability to better serve your community, you'll gain the board's support for a website that powers your mission's success for years to come.

Need help honing your pitch? Let's discuss the most persuasive strategies tailored to your board's priorities.