Mastering Drupal 10 Upgrades: A Step-by-Step Composer Walkthrough

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Drupal 10 brings a sleek new interface, enhanced security, and a whole host of exciting features to the table. Ready to upgrade? While any upgrade might seem intimidating, Composer, a powerful dependency management tool, streamlines the entire process.

Let's dive in and make this a smooth transition for your website!


Why Upgrade to Drupal 10?

  • Fresher Look, Better Experience: Drupal 10 boasts a modernized administrative interface, making content management a breeze.
     Drupal 10's modern administrative interface
  • Enhanced Security: Stay ahead of vulnerabilities with the latest security updates only available in Drupal 10.
  • New Features: Enjoy exciting new tools and functionalities that come with Drupal 10.
  • Future-Proofing: Ensure your site stays supported and benefits from the latest community innovations.


Composer: Your Drupal Project's Librarian

Imagine Composer as your Drupal project's dedicated librarian. It keeps tabs on all the modules, themes, and even Drupal core itself – the different "books" your website needs. Composer ensures you're always using the right versions and that everything works together smoothly.

A little bit about semantic versioning - those numbers you see next to packages (like 9.4.x) signal compatibility. Composer uses this system to keep your project organized!


Prep Work: Ensuring a Smooth Upgrade

  • Upgrade Status to the Rescue: This invaluable module scans your site for potential trouble spots before your upgrade.
  • Drupal Check: Your Code Inspector: Find outdated code that won't work in Drupal 10 with this tool.
    • Install (if needed): composer require mglaman/drupal-check
    • Run it: php vendor/bin/drupal-check
  • PHP 8.1: The Speed Boost: Drupal 10 needs PHP 8.1 for optimal performance. Let's check compatibility:
    • composer require php:"^8.1" --no-update
    • composer config platform.php 8.1 


The Upgrade Dance: Using Composer

  • Step 1: Target Drupal 10: Tell Composer which version you want.
    • composer require drupal/core-recommended:"^10.0" --no-update 
  • Step 2: The Big Update: Time to update everything!
    • composer update
    • Expect bumps along the way (conflicts). This is where your prep work pays off!
  • Step 3: Rinse and Repeat: It'll likely take a few rounds of updates and fixing conflicts. Upgrade Status and Drupal Check will guide you!


Success! Now Enjoy Drupal 10

Give your site a thorough test after the upgrade. If you've done extensive customizations, consider a more in-depth testing plan. Remember, Composer isn't just for upgrades – it's your key to smooth Drupal maintenance!


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Firas Ghunaim is a B2B digital marketing and CX expert with 14+ years of experience in building digital experiences using open-source and Drupal technology.