Baladeyetkom | Complaints Management Solution

Project funded by USAID, the world's main international development agency, for local municipalities in Jordan
USAID CEP (Community Engagement Project) in Jordan needed a feedback mechanism between the local community and municipalities as a part of community engagement activities and in order to make improvements. The client came to iSpectra in order for us to build a complaints management system with reporting features so that the decision making process could be facilitated, backed by community data and mainly in order to smooth communication between citizens and local municipalities.
Technical Aspects
Native Mobile App Development utilizing Swift and Kotlin frameworks backed by Drupal CMS

Project Goals

  • Build A mobile app that could deal with suggestions and complaints from citizens in a transparent way.
  • Achieve a higher level of satisfaction about the services provided to the local communities.
  • Enable municipality staff to eliminate any problems that they might face administratively and technically,
  • Develop a two-way communication channel between municipalities and communities.
  • Improve responsiveness rate to citizen-raised issues.
  • Establishing multiple channels for communication/feedback to ensure input and participation of disenfranchised segments of the population.


Native Mobile App Development utilizing Swift and Kotlin frameworks backed by Drupal CMS


Drupal was chosen in order to have on-going support, scalability and security. The ability to add new features in the future, expand to other municipalities and communities, to allow users to be empowered, for each customer experience to be customized and information displayed on the front-end seamlessly in order for community users and municipality administrators to have access to real-time information, couldn’t be possible without using mobile native technologies incorporated with Drupal.


Project Story

Discovery & Strategy: We started the project with a kick off meeting where we introduced the team and listened to our client's vision. Since CEP USAID was a sponsor in this project, we had to go and gather the information from the ultimate users (5 local municipalities). USAID coordinated these consecutive meetings and information gathering sessions. Once all information was collected, we had a clear understanding of the problems our clients were facing and through severe analysis/ brainstorming we came up with one unified solution serves the needs for the 5 municipalities in one solution where each municipality has its own private access to its community.


User Experience design: Using the insights from the previous meetings, we fleshed out the user stories and journeys in order to create a clear, seamless and delightful experience.

Wire Frame

Visual Design: Simplicity was key in this project. Our UI designer create an elegant design based on the client's branding guidelines and we incorporated the latest trends and capabilities.

Baladeyetkom App

Develop & Test: Agility is the name of the game, our agile development methodology ensured frequent builds with plenty of time to test & adjust. While our experienced QA team identified and managed the testing process up until the launch.



For the municipalities: Getting community feedback, suggestions and complaints in one place. Flexibility for staff to report on data and to become more effective when responding to requests. Increasing community satisfaction rate and transparency between the municipalities and local communities.


For the community: Providing a fast, convenient and user-friendly digital public service with everything on the go. Making it much easier for community members to leave feedback, make suggestions, engage in dialogue, submit complaints (such as stray dogs in the area, street issues, electricity and water issues, etc.) and stay on par with what is happening in the municipality.

User dashboard includes:

  • About Municipality
  • News, Events, Announcements
  • Discussion Wall
  • Polls
  • Services Available
  • Main Departments
  • Messages
  • Complaints, Suggestions and Inquiries

Comprehensive complaint feature:

iSpectra built a comprehensive complaint features to the app where the community user can submit complaints through the app and the municipality administrator/staff member can review the complaints and get back to the user with a complaint status (In review, In progress, Done, Rejected). iSpectra also provided a voting mechanism to the administrator where it increase the transparency of the issues going on.



iSpectra was able to complete the project 33% ahead of the project delivery estimate, the expected delivery date was 3 months and the project was completed in 2 months. iSpectra facilitated the whole decision making process from start to launch.The Mobile App was launched in 5 municipalities. The app has been able to improve communication gap between citizens and municipalities.


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