Saudi Arabian ECZA

builds new website

using Drupal CMS

Client: The Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority (ECZA) - Saudi Arabia 

Service: UI/UX Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, Ongoing Support and Managed Services, Training, Migration, Drupal 9 CMS Development, Digital Strategy

Deliverables: Drupal 9 Public Services Portal


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The Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority (ECZA) oversees economic cities and special zones throughout Saudi Arabia, aiming to create the best business environment for investors in these areas.

iSpectra collaborated with ECZA to redesign and develop a multilingual Drupal website and establish an internal portal to boost teamwork and information exchange across departments.

The innovative ECZA Website & Intranet Portal project allows ECZA to share news, content, and services through cutting-edge technology. Additionally, it facilitates seamless communication among employees, keeping them informed about organizational updates, teams, and projects.


Why did ECZA

choose Drupal?

ECZA needed to ensure their digital strategy is going to help them achieve their strategic objective: Sustain an investor friendly ecosystem within Saudi Arabia.

Their legacy CMS limited their ability to:

  • Communicate with foreign investors in their own language

  • Create custom landing pages when needed without technical help

  • Provide a secure and supported portal for investors at all times

  • Rank higher on search engines in target markets

  • Scale their CMS capabilities when needed

  • Publish rich media content formats easily

  • Optimize page layouts when needed

  • Moderate their content publishing workflow

  • Easily fix errors and bugs

  • Build user journey - driven experiences


Migrating to a Drupal CMS immediately boosted performance, helping ECZA comply with regulations, and best practices related to accessibility, user experience, and security.






The Drupal CMS enabled ECZA's diverse teams to experience a smooth content publishing, moderation, and revision process.

Save Time and Effort

Faster repurposing and retrieval of content cuts down time needed by 80%.

Multilingual Content

Reaching wider and diverse audiences easily.

Critical  Integrations

Flexibility to integrate all marketing and automation tools needed.

Rank Higher

Publishing images, videos, and content enhanced with built-in SEO features.

Superior Performance

Publishing rich media content without compromising speed and UX.

Dynamic Personalization

Ability to optimize page layouts and publish new pages easily with built-in layout builder.

Designing for faster user experience

iSpectra designed for optimum performance from day 1 - ensuring that ECZA complies with Core Web Vitals. Compliance with those standards means that Google rewards ECZA with a higher ranking on search engine results pages - leading to maximum visibility for organic traffic.

We optimized the site structure to deliver the fastest and most convenient user experience possible across all platforms.

The new ECZA Drupal website now enjoys:

  • A mobile-first user experience

  • A user-friendly navigation

  • Reduced bounce rate

  • Increased pages per session

  • Faster page loading speed

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