Drupal: Ideal for Saudi's Vision 2030 Digital Transformation


Client: General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) - Saudi Arabia

Service: UI/UX Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, Ongoing Support and Managed Services, Training, Migration, Drupal 9 CMS Development, Digital Strategy

Deliverables: Drupal 9 Public Services Portal


Faster Page Loading Speed


Error Rate Reduced


Months To Launch Site Only


Essential Public

Services using


General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) is the regulator, enabler and licensor of the Kingdom’s military industries sector. GAMI is at the core of the Kingdom’s defense ecosystem, promoting transparency, leveraging synergies and driving intragovernmental collaboration to realize military industrialization.

They partnered with iSpectra to revamp, design, and develop their new multilingual Drupal website.


Why did GAMI

choose to build on



Aligning with the best practices identified by Vision 2030; GAMI realized that Drupal was the ideal CMS. Why?

  • Best-in-class security modules and support

  • Robust performance across all platforms

  • Flexible to allow all critical integrations

  • Multilingual user experiences

  • Superior UI/UX features

  • Ability to easily scale CMS capabilities

Time was a critical factor as well, as GAMI needed to launch the new website in 4 months time.


Their legacy website was outdated and unsupported—not to mention, the CMS didn’t enable their teams to fulfill their jobs.

Limited content publishing capabilities

CMS not user friendly

No multilingual user experiences

Poor user navigation

Site structure wasn’t search engine friendly

Not compliant with Core Web Vitals

Unsupported security modules

Plan of Attack

The stakes were high, and we had limited time to deliver a 100% digital experience that contained various complex requirements. Each 2-week sprint was meticulously planned to ensure that we delivered a flawless digital experience on time. This is where our battle-tested expertise in Agile project delivery comes into play.

First, we prioritized features to be delivered and broke them down into sprint deliverables.

Each sprint covered Design, Development, & QA Testing.

We repeated the same process over the course of 8 sprints to deliver the website designed, developed, and tested successfully.


Technology-Driven Power


  • Easier path to migrate from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9,

  • eventually Drupal 10

  • Multilingual content publishing capabilities

  • Mobile-responsive UI/UX design

  • Faster page loading speed Purpose-driven user journeys

  • Optimized site structure

  • Superior on-site SEO performance

  • Enterprise-grade security modules


Rallying To Support

iSpectra’s priority is to always enable our clients to enjoy managed digital growth – which is why we always provide ongoing support to our clients post-launch:

  • 24/7 support and maintenance

  • Continuous delivery of upgrades to security

  • Frequent performance audits and improvements

  • Ongoing enhancements to SEO

  • Risk monitoring and management

  • Copywriting

  • Content migration

  • Easier path to Drupal 10 CMS when needed



iSpectra has demonstrated unlimited support and commitment to deliver the project on time within the agreed scope

 - Ibrahim Adwani | Lead App. Development (GAMI)

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