Empowering Alumni Connections: iSpectra's Innovative App for the U.S. Department of State

Client: US Department of State

Service: UI/UX Design, Mobile Development, Drupal Development, Managed Services

Deliverables: A Drupal 9 powered community app on iPhone and iPad


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Drupal Powered Networks and Communities

The U.S. Department of State sought to create a comprehensive platform that would unite Jordanian alumni of its exchange programs, enabling them to network, share experiences, and access resources for personal and professional growth.

With the aim of developing a positive, politics-free environment, the US Department of State faced the challenge of building a robust and user-friendly mobile application that could handle a wide range of features and functionalities. To overcome these obstacles, the US Department of State partnered with iSpectra, a leading Drupal design and development agency.

iSpectra's expertise in creating custom solutions allowed them to develop an innovative app tailored to the specific needs of the alumni community.


Why did the US

Department of State

choose Drupal?



Drupal is known for its strict security measures, which is essential for an organization like the Department of State.



Drupal's modular architecture allows for easy expansion and adaptation, meeting the evolving needs of the user community.



Drupal's extensive module library and flexible development options enable the creation of a tailor-made solution with unique features.



As an open-source platform, Drupal allows for cost-effective development, as well as access to a vast community of developers and resources.

Designed Around User Ecosystems

Our discovery team was critical in constructing exactly when the client required (or thought they required).

The team was an assembled squad of the following roles:



Product Owner

Product Manager

Product Manager

Technical Team Lead

Technical Team Lead

UI/UX Specialists

UI/UX Specialists

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist


Why all the hassle? To build an app that actually works and delivers a real intuitive experience for all the users, regardless of how, when, and where they use the app.

We treated the users as real people whose needs evolve and change based on their environment and the tools they use; in short, we designed based on user ecosystems that factored in the following user archetypes:

Intermediary User

I enable other users to engage with the solution through my own engagement with it.

Governing User

I engage the solution in a way that significantly affects the quality of other users’ engagement with the solution.

Dependent User

I engage the solution as enabled by another user.

Parallel User

I engage the solution along with others who engage it in a similar way

Serial User

I engage the solution in a series of other users engaging the solution.

Surrogate User

I engage the solution as a stand-in for another user

Terminal User

I engage the solution as the focus of its use by another user

Ambient User

I engage the solution through its effect on my immediate user

Conglomerate User

I engage the solution intimately and consciously, as an add-on or extension of myself

Autonomic User

I engage the solution automatically unconsciously and seamlessly

Oblique User

I engage the solution through the by-products of other engagements

Generative User

I engage the solution in a way that alters the solution itself


Key Highlights


Drupal Backend

Easily create, manage, and update content through the robust app backend powered by Drupal 9.

Events Calendar

Users can easily keep track of upcoming cultural events, alumni activities, and funding opportunities.

Alumni Chat

The app facilitates real-time communication between alumni, fostering continuous networking and collaboration.

Success Stories

Alumni can share their achievements and experiences, inspiring others and showcasing the impact of the exchange programs.

Community Features

The app encourages ongoing communication, with forums and discussion groups to promote idea-sharing and support.

U.S. Embassy Stats

The U.S. Embassy in Jordan can monitor and analyze community engagement and employee activity on the app, utilizing valuable insights to drive improvements and maximize the platform's impact.

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