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Client: Watheeq Capital - Saudi Arabia

Service: UI/UX Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, Ongoing Support and Managed Services, Training, Migration, Drupal 9 CMS Development, Digital Strategy

Deliverables: Drupal 9 Financial Services Website and CMS


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Watheeq Capital is a financial services and investment management company based in Saudi Arabia. Their objective is to get ahead of the disruption that is transforming their sector and region at an explosive pace – to achieve that; they realized they must become agile and flexible in order to adapt and scale quicker than their competitors.

They partnered with iSpectra to revamp, design, and develop their new multilingual Drupal website.


Why did Watheeq

choose to build on


Watheeq needed a tech stack that was constantly evolving to ensure that they remained the technological leader in the Saudi financial market. Drupal provided them with the strategic flexibility that a company that needs to adapt quickly to disruptive trends requires.

  • Best-in-class security modules and support

  • Robust performance across all platforms

  • Flexible to allow all critical integrations

  • Multilingual user experiences

  • Superior UI/UX features

  • Ability to easily scale CMS capabilities


Expectations are high in Saudi Arabia, especially from the end-users who were suffering from:

  • Slow page loading speed

  • Poor performance on mobile

  • UI/UX non-compliant with Core Web Vitals

  • Frustrating user experience and navigation across all webpages


The new Drupal 9 website was always going to be at the epicenter of an integrated digital ecosystem and we had to design everything from the start to ensure seamless scalability when needed.

Thankfully, Drupal carries a lot of that heavy work.

  • Easier path to migrate from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9, eventually Drupal 10

  • Multilingual content publishing capabilities

  • Mobile-responsive UI/UX design

  • Faster page loading speed Purpose-driven user journeys

  • Optimized site structure

  • Superior on-site SEO performance

  • Enterprise-grade security modules


Our priority in the short term was to deliver what Watheeq’s clients expected: A secure, fast, and convenient digital experience across all platforms.


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