GIZ in cooperation with Central Bank of Jordan: JoMoPlay Mobile Game

GIZ in cooperation with the Central Bank of Jordan reached out to iSpectra for us to create a mobile game in order to simulate JoMoPay services and train users about their e-wallets. JoMoPay - Jordan Mobile Payments is a mobile payment system through which users can exchange financial transactions such as save money, pay bills or transfer money to other users.
The biggest challenge was to provide an alternative and creative channel to train the targeted audience. The solution was to create an educational, fun and stimulating game that simulates JoMoPlay scenarios where users can open virtual e-wallets in order to complete their daily purchases, pay bills, pay loans, order food and a lot more through the game.

Background information

Jordan has become a host country for many refugees. Refugees and low-income Jordanians have hardly any simple and low-cost means for receiving and safely storing money. Currently, money is received and stored in cash, via informal channels or money transfer service providers.

Even though the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) put under effect a comprehensive regulation on national digital payments and five payments service providers have been licensed since the end of 2015 to JoMoPay, digital payment services in the Jordanian market is still very limited. CBJ needed to find a way to ensure that the services benefits refugees and low-income Jordanians in particular.

The JoMoPay system reduces the need for dealing in paper money and coins and minimizing the risks of losing the money, in addition to managing other risks. However, the use of the services by the people living in Jordan was and still is still very limited. This is partly due to limited awareness and literacy regarding financial services in general and digital and mobile financial services in particular. Therefore, the Central Bank of Jordan and GIZ jointly developed a roadmap for increasing the awareness and literacy of potential users of these services.

Project Story

  • Discovery & Strategy: We started the project with a kick-off meeting where we introduced the team and observed and listened to the client's vision. To make sure that we had a complete understanding of the target audience we arranged a small group discussion with a sample target audience. Upon completion of the focus group discussion, we came up with an exceptional digital story that aligned with client’s vision and objectives.
  • Game Experience Design & Visual Design: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our User Interface designer created an elegant design based on the client's branding guidelines and we incorporated the latest trends and capabilities. Visual design included the creation of user characters, voices & animation.
  • Develop & Test: Agility is the name of the game, our agile development methodology ensured frequent builds with plenty of time to test & adjust. While our experience QA team identified and managed the testing process.
  • Launching JoMoPlay Game: Getting the game live by submitting it to the Google Play & App Store.

Technical aspects

Unity Video Game Engine. Unity was chosen as it’s the most well-known cross-platform game development engine in the world. This enabled us to create and easily operate games with great design and functionality features. Some of the key features are: rendering, scripting, and asset tracking.

These are just a portion of the highlights allowing Unity to be flexible, being able to deploy projects on multiple platforms, cut down on development time and costs. The advantages have piled up the Unity motor on the highest point of the cross-stage game improvement stepping stool.

The software we chose for animation creation is Adobe Flash, Animated Sprite sheet and Adobe After Effects.


This project took 3 months to implement, from initial meetings, focus group discussions, development, design, testing and launch phase. An exceptional Arabic mobile game App was created, where users are able to enjoy a virtual Amusement park with 5 mini-games inside after completing educational phases within their e-wallets.

Game Functions

  • User Registration and Registration via Social Network Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with the ability to edit and change profiles.
  • Information to Include: Username, Password, Email, Date of Birth, Gender, Location and Nationality 
  • Scoreboard 
  • Knowledge Survey (pre & post each level of the game)
  • Language Selection (Arabic and English) 
  • Generating E-cards/E-certifications 
  • Customization of Avatars (gender, hair color, eye color, etc.) 
  • Hints and Interactive Elements in the Animations 
  • Ability to Invite Others to the App/Game 
  • Push Notification Options: Notify users of rewards, reminders, alerts, news and updates 
  • Chart Partial Progress (towards goals and final achievements)
  • Rewards Progress and Achievement 
  • Share Accomplishments
  • In-app Request for User to Review app after 30 days
  • Add Performance Analytics Available to Admins

Game Structure

  • Home Screen - Interactive Comic Book
  • Information About Game
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy 
  • My Profile 
  • My Avatar 
  • Settings 
  • Gameplay: Main Page - Levels