Drupal 10 Websites: How Much Do They Cost?

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Ambitious Saudi Arabian enterprises seeking a powerful online presence often turn to Drupal for its flexibility, scalability, and security. But how much does it cost to build and maintain a world-class Drupal website?

Let's break down the key cost components and strategies to get the most from your investment.


Imagine a digital fortress, robust and expansive, designed to cater to the heavy-duty demands of major companies. That's your enterprise Drupal website.


What's an Enterprise Drupal Website Anyway?

An enterprise Drupal website is a large-scale, complex website designed to meet the needs of major companies and organizations. These websites often feature advanced functionality like multilingual support, sophisticated e-commerce integrations, content management for multiple users, and seamless integration with back-end business systems.

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Financial Services Drupal Website in Saudi Arabia


How Much Does a Drupal 10 Website Cost?

The straight answer is: It depends. However, if a range satisfies your current needs - small to medium enterprise websites have a price range of SAR 75,000 up to SAR 250,000. Larger enterprise that have more complex requirements tend to go for at least SAR 250,000+.

If you are interested in learning what you'd be investing in... read on.


Laying the Groundwork: Planning and Strategy

The success of your Drupal project hinges on thorough planning. Collaborate with your devs to pinpoint your business goals, get a bead on your Saudi audience, and draft a blueprint that ensures smooth sailing for users. This stage is about setting a solid foundation—skimp on this, and you're building on sand.

Cost factors include: Initial consultations and market research, strategy development sessions, and architecture planning. Expenses here primarily involve professional fees for business analysts and project managers.


Bringing Your Vision to Life: Design and Development

Here's where your site gets its personality. Think of design and development as the heart and soul of your Drupal site. This phase is all about customization—incorporating design elements that resonate with Saudi cultural nuances, tailoring functionalities to your exact needs, and ensuring your site plays nice with other business systems.

My tip? Invest in a developer with a proven track record in the Saudi market. It makes all the difference.

Cost factors of Drupal 10 design and development include: Custom design work, theme development, module customization, and integration with existing systems. This phase is the most variable in terms of cost, depending on the complexity and custom features required.


Quality Assurance: The Make or Break

A flawless launch is paramount in the tech-savvy Saudi Arabian market. Comprehensive testing across different devices and browsers, along with user acceptance testing, ensures your website meets the highest quality standards. Prioritize quality assurance throughout development to avoid costly last-minute fixes.

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Cost factors of ensuring an error-free experience include: Testing involves various stages, including unit testing, system integration testing, and user acceptance testing, leading to costs associated with QA engineers and testing tools.


Launch and Beyond: Keeping the Engine Running

Your site's live. Congratulations! But the journey doesn't end here. Opt for a hosting provider with a strong Saudi presence to ensure lightning-fast load times. And don't forget about the upkeep—security patches, content updates, and tech support are all part of the post-launch game plan. Learn more about critical managed services that ensure your continuous growth.

Cost factors of ongoing support and maintenance include: Hosting, ongoing maintenance, security updates, and developer support. Regular maintenance and support packages vary but are essential for the website's long-term health and security.


Budgeting for a Drupal 10 Design and Development Project

Important: Each project is its own beast and will vary from another, because in the end, it entirely depends on the requirements and complexity of each project. Based on our own experience, we have provided the following table to help give you indicators, ranges, and benchmarks:


Criteria Description of Criteria Estimated Cost Range (SAR) Cost Type
Planning & Strategy Business Analysis 10,000 - 35,000 Mandatory
User Experience (UX) Design 15,000 - 45,000 Mandatory
Information Architecture (IA) 8,000 - 25,000 Mandatory
Project Planning 5,000 - 15,000 Mandatory
Design & Development Visual Design 15,000 - 50,000 Mandatory
Theme Development 20,000 - 60,000+ Mandatory
Front-end Development 25,000 - 80,000+ Mandatory
Back-end Development 30,000 - 100,000+ Mandatory
Content Migration 5,000 - 30,000 Optional
Third-Party Integrations 10,000 - 50,000+ Optional
Testing & Quality Assurance Unit Testing 5,000 - 20,000 Mandatory
Integration Testing 8,000 - 25,000 Mandatory
User Acceptance Testing 5,000 - 15,000 Mandatory
Bug Fixing 8,000 - 30,000 Mandatory
Deployment & Support Hosting 2,000 - 10,000+ per year Ongoing
Security 5,000 - 20,000+ per year Ongoing
Maintenance 1,000 - 5,000+ per month Ongoing
Support 2,000 - 10,000+ per month Ongoing


The best way to get a clear idea and exact price quote is to contact our team for a free consultation. They will help you budget, and identify hidden solutions that may help you achieve your objectives.


Real-World Success Stories

Consider the Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority (ECZA), with their new Drupal 10 site boasting features like multilingual content publishing and management workflows, and bespoke CRM integration, leading to skyrocketing user engagement. These are tangible benefits that underscore the value of a well-executed Drupal project.


ECZA Drupal Website


Check out more success stories - or, even better, read what our clients say about us.


FAQ Corner

  • Do I need an in-house dev team? It depends on your resources and technical chops. Many businesses find peace of mind in ongoing support contracts.
  • What about hidden costs? Keep an eye out for security lapses, feature creep, and subpar hosting. These can sneak up on you and wreak havoc on your budget.
  • Is Drupal hosting available in Saudi Arabia? Yes! Several web hosting providers offer Drupal-optimized hosting plans in Saudi Arabia. Some popular providers include: AWS (Amazon Web Services), SiteGround, Bluehost
  • Are there Drupal developers in Saudi Arabia? Absolutely! There's a growing community of skilled Drupal developers in Saudi Arabia. You can find them on freelance platforms or through specialized Drupal agencies.
  • How popular is Drupal in Saudi Arabia compared to WordPress? While WordPress is widely used in Saudi Arabia, Drupal is gaining popularity due to its flexibility and security, especially for larger or more complex websites.
  • How much does a Drupal site cost? The cost of a Drupal site varies significantly based on your needs. Factors include complexity, features, design customization, developer rates, and maintenance. Simple sites may cost a few thousand dollars, while complex enterprise-level sites can run into the hundreds of thousands.
  • Is Drupal hosting free? Drupal itself is free, but you'll need web hosting. Free hosting providers exist but often have limitations in performance and reliability. Paid hosting plans typically start around $5-$10 per month and scale up depending on your website's traffic and resource needs.


Drupal's Footprint in the Middle East

The adoption of Drupal is on an upswing across the Middle East, with businesses big and small tapping into its potential to create dynamic, scalable websites. Below, is a sample of how the vast majority of leading Saudi enterprises are relying upon Drupal 10 for their digital experiences:

Saudi Websites Using Drupal 10


Read more about my favorite Saudi websites built using Drupal.


Maximizing ROI with Drupal

A top-tier Drupal site isn't just a cost—it's an investment in your business's future. From lead generation to sales boosts and operational efficiencies, the right Drupal site can be a game-changer for your enterprise.


Smart Budgeting for Your Drupal Venture

  • Embrace pre-built modules: Why reinvent the wheel? Leverage the Drupal community's offerings to save on development time and costs.
  • Consider offshore talent: Skill doesn't have geographical boundaries. Offshore developers can offer competitive rates, but weigh this against potential communication hurdles. Need help exploring your options? Contact our team for a free consultation.
  • Clarity is key: Ambiguity is the enemy of budgeting. Nail down your must-haves early to avoid scope creep.


The Bottom Line

Crafting a Drupal site for your enterprise is no small feat, but it's well within reach with the right strategy and team. Focus on the Saudi Arabian market's unique needs, partner with seasoned developers, and keep your eyes on the prize—a digital presence that drives your business forward.

Need consultation regarding your Drupal project? Contact us today.